Our Crowdfunding is coming to the end!

Dear Flyers, Crowdfunders & Supporters, We’re finally reaching the big day: Flyer’s campaign finishes in less than 24h! Let’s take advantage of this last day to say goodbye in a great way, sharing the campaign with friends & family on social networks, recalling them that they have just a few hours to participate and it will worth … More Our Crowdfunding is coming to the end!

DAY #29

With 2 days left until the end of our Crowdfunding campaign we would like to show you another video from Thomas Peisel, flyer and lucid dreamer, co-author of the incredible book Oneironautics – A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming, currently with a great project in hands called Journey to the Dream World. We had the great pleasure … More DAY #29

DAY #24

We have 7 days left of campaign and we want to leave you a small piece of our interview with Pau Hernández (from Barcelona, Viaje Astral Método ACCES) 🙂 I welcome you to meet him and to give us a hand while you can so we can achieve a 100% of our minimum goal at http://www.ulule.com/voladores 😉 We’re almost there!

DAY #23

Today we want to leave you with the interview we made at Radio Ciutat Vella (Barcelona) last week (since minute 8), at the program Ciutat Visual, with Eva Fontanals. We have just 1 week of campaign and we are so excited to see how we’re getting to a 100% of our minimum goal! That’s why we ask for you collaboration in … More DAY #23

Final Stretch!

Hey Flyers & Crowdfunders friends, Today we get to 3 weeks of campaign with great joy for reaching already 4609 euros, thanks to the collaboration of 126 people 🙂 Our happyness is too big to tell, cause in addition we had great news this week. We tell you everything here so you don’t lose any detail. Remember that when we finish … More Final Stretch!

DAY #20

Hey Flyers & Company 🙂 As we said these days, we have many good news: last Thursday we have had the opportunity to talk about Flyers in the cinema program Ciutat Visual at Radio Ciutat Vella from Barcelona; now you can hear it (in Spanish) by clicking HERE. It was so interesting and fun that time had flew by! If you wanna … More DAY #20

DAY #13

Jonatan Campos sent us this video from Vietnam to tell us his experience at Flyers! *Remember to activate English subtitles 😉 Do you want to collaborate like 66 people already did? Go to http://www.ulule.com/voladores and put your small grain of sand 😉

DAY #10

In our documentary we want to show that there are Flyers of all ages. As a proof of this we have the case of Miss Laila, for example, an 83-year-old dear lady who tell us her experience since she was a kid (*activate the English subtitles). Today we have Internet, free access to information, but can … More DAY #10

DAY #9

We start our 2nd week of campaign and we want to leave you in a very good company: with our Flyer and interviewee Liliane Moura Martins 🙂 Check about her clicking on her name! If you would like to see more interviews with Flyers, please contribute in our Crowdfunding campaign at http://www.ulule.com/voladores and remember that you are essential for … More DAY #9

DAY #8

Hello Flyers & Company, Today we get to the end of our 1st week of campaign and we want to give you a summary of all the information we have been publishing in our social networks. If you want to know everything on time, remember that we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and right … More DAY #8