Our Crowdfunding is coming to the end!

Dear Flyers, Crowdfunders & Supporters, We’re finally reaching the big day: Flyer’s campaign finishes in less than 24h! Let’s take advantage of this last day to say goodbye in a great way, sharing the campaign with friends & family on social networks, recalling them that they have just a few hours to participate and it will worth … More Our Crowdfunding is coming to the end!

DAY #19

Today we’d like to introduce you to Vitor França, who we had the opportunity to meet at the IPPB last year. In this small video, he tells us one of his shared out-of-body-experiences, very interesting!   🙂 Don’t forget to activate the English subtitles: Remember that we still have 12 days to the deadline of our Crowdfunding campaign and we need … More DAY #19

DAY #15

After 2 weeks of campaign… Flyers already has a foot in Brazil! Today we are at the newspaper ‘O Tempo‘ from Belo Horizonte (MG). We leave here the article and invite you to keep sharing the campaign – if you haven’t, this article maybe wouldn’t exist! Thank you Ana Elizabeth Diniz and Hugo Borges for making it possible. Do you want … More DAY #15

DAY #10

In our documentary we want to show that there are Flyers of all ages. As a proof of this we have the case of Miss Laila, for example, an 83-year-old dear lady who tell us her experience since she was a kid (*activate the English subtitles). Today we have Internet, free access to information, but can … More DAY #10

DAY #6

Today we want to share with you a video from Helena Mariño, a friend and professional who have been collaborating with Flyers since we started, in the Direction & Production department, and who gives us her opinion about the documentary (remember to activate the closed captions available in English!) Are you convinced? So please, collaborate … More DAY #6

DAY #4

Meet our Crew! Eloy Couceiro is our Director of Photography and he made this video giving his oppinion about the project. Remember to activate the closed caption to English, available for this video. You just have to turn it on at the lower right. Do you want to know more about the Crew? Want to give … More DAY #4