Some news for 2020

Dears Flyer’s Crowdfunders,

If you know a little bit of Portuguese or Spanish and have been following us on Social Networks, you already know that we have been through so many things during these years and that’s why the premiere of Flyers was considerably delayed. We started editing the original movie again (the one that some of you had the chance to watch in the pre-release for Crowdfunders and Crew), we returned some colaborations because we were not able to assume the compromise of the reward promised, we had to remove some of our interviewees in order to reduce the duration of the film… so many changes since 2017!

But we are finally approaching the moment where you could all watch the definitive documentary, Flyers. Some months ago we started sending this new version of the film to festivals, so we will keep some time gap untill the “world premiere” on the Internet, since for some of these festivals the movie must be inedit. Be that as it may, during the first semester of 2020 we will prepare ourselves for this long-awaited moment and, as a part of it, we will start getting in touch with you to confirm adresses for sending the rewards, the rewards that you really want to receive, sizes of T-shirts, who wants a DVD or Blu-Ray dependind on the reward you had, etc. It’s going to be a long process again, but we are happy to announce that we are almost there and the time is coming for you to finally watch (and share) this movie that we all made together, thanks to your help.

For any doubt or question, we are still available for contact through the e-mail

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a 2020 plenty of lucidity and happy flights 😉


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