Now it’s true… we are done!

A lot of people wrote to us during these times to know what happened with Flyers production. We gave some news on Facebook (in Portuguese and Spanish), but we didn’t update this website for the last 2 years! That’s why we are here today to tell you in which point our project is right now.

Entrevistados Brasil
With some Flyers’ interviewees in São Paulo, in September, 2017

After the exclusive projection that we organized for our cast, crew, family and crowdfunders at the end of 2017, we received a very interesting distribution proposition. But that proposition included some changes in the edition of the documentary to reduce it a little bit, because on that moment, the film lasted 94 minutes! We talked many times about the issue, the director of the documentary had a programmed trip to New Zealand and only in 2018 we started editing again, with all the work that it meant: watch the film again and again, cut the unnecessary, watch it again and again and again, edit once again, return to the post-production, change everything in the master version of the film, repeat the color correction, new sound edition, export all over again, ressync the subtitles, change the final credits, etc… because of all the changes in the personal lives of our technicians, this work was also complicated to conciliate with our daily obligations and that’s why this process took two more years…!

At the end, the distribution opportunity was diluted, but as we were already changing things in order to have a better film, we are finishing now the new, inedit and definitive version of the documentary that now lasts 83 minutes! We started sending the documentary to film festivals around the world and we have the intention to make it public next year, in 2020. We are back to the same situation that we commented 2 years ago: the film must be inedit for some festivals and that’s why we cannot proceed yet to send the rewards for our crowdfunders, as we cannot send the DVDs neither the links to watch it online. But you can rest assure that we didn’t forget you and all the rewards will be posted as soon as possible! 😉

If you have any doubt, please get in touch using our contact form or by e-mail to and we will be happy to answer.

Greetings for everyone and thank you for your patience!

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