Finally… a 1st Cut!

Hi everybody 🙂 we are so glad to finally have time to stop and update our website with such good news. Yes, we finally have a 1st cut of our documentary!

Last Sunday we’ve got a DCP (the 1st copy of this 95 minutes documentary for Digital Cinema) and next Thursday, July 13, we are going to start showing Flyers to the World: this time in a private session, to Crowdfunders, Family and Crew members in Barcelona. It’s not a commercial starring, but we hope you can watch it soon in Festivals all around the World.

Ok, but how did we get here? What happened during the whole Post-production? Well, we are going to summarize it a little bit, as we didn’t have time to do it during the process.

9 months ago (it looks like a pregnancy hehe) we went to Galicia to start editing the material. We had almost 28 hours of interviews, apart from everything else: old family videos and new professional videos about Nathália, in order to tell her story and introduce the subject of the film: the out-of-body experiences.

So we started with great meetings with Brân González Patiño, who helped a lot and started to edit some personal sequences, while we discussed everyday the structure and script of the film and Nathália started re-writing the voice over.

We also used that time to select the material from the interviews, passing from 27 hours to 7 hours and finally, we’ve got 73 minutes of interviews. It was too much (but a lot better than 28 hours, of course) as the maximum length of the film should be 90 minutes and we still needed all the Nathália of the documentary… so we still had to keep cutting.

Who also came to Galicia in October/November was Jabi Nespral, our musician and compositor of the original soundtrack. He was with us since the beginning, so we talked about the main moods of the film, references of OST, instruments, etc. And since then on he worked very hard in a beautiful soundtrack.

For some analog person like Nathália, it was very helpful to write down, cut and play with the text of the movie – from the voice over and the interviews – as playing with a puzzle like this:

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-11 a la(s) 14.13.28

We also had the opportunity to talk about the out-of-body experiences in a nice Radio program in Spain, “Todos somos sospechosos”, from RNE3 (Radio 3). If you understand Spanish you can hear it here, from the minute 41 on:Radio3When we came back from Galicia we still had a lot to do. And we kept editing everything until January 1st, 2017. Yes, we started the year with our first complete version of the film! But still… it was just the beginning of many and many versions, reviews, shooting a little bit more to fulfill some moments of the film, etc. The same applied to the soundtrack: defining what we liked the most, which versions were better and all the changes needed. We had some nice Skype meetings from different parts of Spain, between Nathália (the director in Barcelona), Jabi (the compositor in León) and Eloy (the director of photography in Asturias).

Skype OST

And the 25th of April we finally arrived to the last version of Flyers, while adjusting the original soundtrack with Jabi, this time together, everybody in León.


So in May we started to conform all the material for Color Correction and Audio Editing. Jesús RCP, from Antaviana Films (Barcelona), was the one helping us since the beginning. We learnt a lot about Post Production with him!


And then we went to Berlin, where our colorist, Juan Galva, lives. We stayed there for almost a week, working in Celluloid Visual Effects and finally getting the look of the film. It’s so nice to see it with a different color after so much time working with raw images!


When we came back we kept working with the sound editing and mixing, recording the voice over with Pol Galofre, our Sound Designer in La Bonne (Barcelona). We couldn’t record all the voice over in one day, so here you have some pictures of this important moment…

 And this was the day we finished the voice over:


During the whole month of June we also prepared the Spanish, Portuguese and English subtitles, the poster for theaters, all the papers for the Ministry of Culture and several bureaucratic things that we didn’t even know that were necessary before making this movie. One feels like a superhero to finally be here.

 … And then ONIRIA was born, our brand new Production Company!

LogoOniria_Reg copia

But this is not the end; actually it’s just a new start. We still have to change some small things in the Audio Mixing and double check our English subtitles, but now we start to collect the fruits of our work and that’s so nice!

Thank you all for your support and a huge thank you to our Crew, to Antaviana, La Bonne, Celluloid, Película Invertida and Rottenhorses. It was so nice to walk by your side during this journey.

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