1st stage of shooting… concluded!

Dear Flyers & Company,

We already did it at social networks but we want to thank you again, each one of you, for making this film possible. Thanks for making ours a Crowdfunding campaign of success 🙂 We have had 30 days of intensive work and we thank you for your support, for sharing our publications and for helping us to achieve more than our minimum goal.

After the end of the campaign we’ve had only 12 days to prepare everything for the trip to Brazil, where we have been shooting with great success 15 interviews to Flyers and some personal sequences in the script. If you want to check out some pictures from the shooting, you can go to our Flyer’s fanpage on Facebook (in Spanish or Portuguese, but pictures are universal! hehe). They are all there, but we want to leave you a small sample:


So what do we have left? During the next three months we’ll start the first edition of Flyers, while we shoot some small sequences that we still have to shoot. If everything goes well, by the end of the year we’d like to be fully involved with the post-production to release the documentary during January, 2017. We have a full semester of work but we’ll keep you informed about it in our social networks and website.

When the movie is ready we’ll start sending the rewards as promised, but don’t worry, we’ll get in touch before to ask you about your names in the credits, size of T-shirts, language of posters, etc. (depending on the rewards you’ve chosen during the campaign)

A big hug and thank you all, again!

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