Our Crowdfunding is coming to the end!

Dear Flyers, Crowdfunders & Supporters,

We’re finally reaching the big day: Flyer’s campaign finishes in less than 24h!

Let’s take advantage of this last day to say goodbye in a great way, sharing the campaign with friends & family on social networks, recalling them that they have just a few hours to participate and it will worth doing it 🙂

Let’s see how far we can get during this last day of Crowdfunding… Will we reach our 2nd Goal of 8780 euros? We hope so! Remember that all the funds we are raising since we achieved the minimum amount of 6080 euros will be destinated to cover the Image & Sound post-production costs, something really necessary to get a better quality for the film.

Let’s make noise today, collaborate if you haven’t done it yet, contribute again if you already have, everything for Flyers to have a great and beautiful flight 😉

Thank you so much for participating, for collaborating, for crowdfunding, for sharing, for all your support during these last 30 days.

Thank you so much!

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