Final Stretch!

Hey Flyers & Crowdfunders friends,

Today we get to 3 weeks of campaign with great joy for reaching already 4609 euros, thanks to the collaboration of 126 people 🙂 Our happyness is too big to tell, cause in addition we had great news this week. We tell you everything here so you don’t lose any detail. Remember that when we finish week 3, we start the final stretch of the campaign: We have 1 week left to achieve a 100% of our minimum goal, otherwise all the money will be returned to the crowdfunders… and we don’t want this to happen, right? Because of all this, remember to share the campaign with your friends to encourage them to participate… and if you haven’t done it yet, contribute at – it’s quick, easy and each amount has its rewards.

We started week 3 being News in Brazil! The newspaper O Tempo (Time), from Belo Horizonte (the capital of Minas Gerais) published an article talking about Flyers and our campaign at Ulule. You can read the digital version (in Portuguese) by clicking on the image:

On the next day, we wanted to share with you a small piece of the interview we made with Wagner Alegretti, flyer and professor at the IAC – International Academy of Consciousness – where we had the pleasure to talk with him last year. If we succeed with the campaign, we’ll see him again to keep going with the interview 😉 Remember to activate the subtitles in all the videos available:

After that, who sent us a video talking about the campaign was Meire J. Costa, a very special flyer that we’ll have the opportunity to interview in Brazil for the first time. Meire has a YouTube channel since 5 months ago, where she talk about Astral Projection with a close approach… and she already have more than 5000 followers!

We keep introducing you to our small great Crew, this time with a video made by Juan Galva, our dear colorist, talking from Berlin. Remember that you can see the whole information about him in our campaign page, going down to the section ‘The Crew‘. We leave you again with the video so you can watch it and we make ours his own words 😉

This weekend we wanted to introduce you to one more flyer: Vitor Hugo França from Voice of the Elements. We had the opportunity to meet him at IPPB in Brazil and we show you a small piece of the interview so you’d be wanting for more 😉

On Sunday we published the pictures and the podcast of our interview at Ciutat Vella Radio (from Barcelona), in the cinema program Ciutat Visual, with Eva Fontanals. We were there on Thursday, live, but now you can hear it on-line by clicking HERE 😉 If you want to jump straight to the interview, we start at minute 11.

And this Monday, finishing our so productive 3rd week, we published a video with Thomas Peisel, who we had the pleasure of meeting last week in an express trip to Madrid. Thomas is one of the co-authors of the great book ‘Oneironautics: a field guide to Lucid Dreaming‘ and he’s working in a fantastic project called Journey to the Dream World. I invite you to watch the video (this one in English!) and I hope his passion infects you as much as it did with us 🙂

And for now, that’s all. Remember, we have 9 days left! So please, share this campaign with your friends, invite them to know our project, take a look to the rewards and collaborate here if you haven’t yet (or well, you can do it more than once, actually! hehe). Be part of this group of people willing to make a good documentary, bringing knowledge and awaking consciousness. Thank you!


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