Brazil – 1st part

The trip to Brazil was tremendously productive. So much, that 2 days before coming back home I couldn’t think about anything else but going to Brazil again; making some contacts we’ve got the opportunity to interview some Flyers who, unfortunately, were not there by the time I was… apart from that, with the Carnaval in our way, some weeks were complicated to work, and not for lacking of will but logistic questions, really: plane and bus tickets, sound (those famous sound trucks on the streets), a lot of people travelling away, etc.

But instead of talking about what we haven’t done, let’s talk about all we did!

The first interview in Brazil was in Rio de Janeiro. I’ve never been there before (what kind of Brazilian am I?) and I took the opportunity to sightseeing and climb the Sugar Loaf, as climbing is one of my passions! After that, my friends Daniel and Luciana introduced me to Miss Laila, a cute 83 years old miss, a flyer since she was a kid, who welcomed us home with a lot of love and surprised us with her story… how it was to be a flyer in the 40’s? How they understood this issue back in that time? Behind the scenes, all of us were crying!


Daniel, my friend, also told us what he remembers from the 2004 Nathália. Virtual friends in the ICQ, Messenger and blog time, after finding the history of our conversations from that time in an old CD, I’ve tried to rebuild how I talked about my first experiences, with who I’ve talked about it, how I refered to what was going on… and Daniel helped us to rebuild this almost lost memory.


From this trip I can only say thank you to the interviewees, to the Velloso family for the attention, contacts & tours, and also to the Faria Family, great friends who host me as I was from the family!

After coming back to São Paulo, it was time to meet the beautiful Liliane Moura Martins. Having two books publisheds about the issue, one of them for kids and teens, Liliane was the perfect interviewee: with a beautiful and captivating story, explaining herself in a wonderful and empathic way, so predisposed! We’ve finally got an important phone  number – keep reading! – and left her place almost “flying”. Flying without getting out of our bodies! I’m so grateful for Liliane, her family who gave us a place for filming and for Thiago Pompéia, a friend and a great professional present during this and more interviews 😉


During the Carnaval, some obligated days off. Just after the holidays we were able to go to Sorocaba for meeting personally Roberto Pineda! One more interview done with success and one more important story which deserves to be shared. When he was a kid, he had so much fun out of his body! A flyer who learnt from his own experiences and who supports freedom above all things, telling us his point-of-view to enrich our documentary even more. Thank you so much, Roberto!


It was because of Liliane that we were able to contact with Wagner Borges! 2 e-mails were lost in the Virtual Space while we tried to contact him, and when we finally got his number we crossed our agendas and scheduled an interview, 4 days before coming back to Spain. We went again to São Paulo by car and visited the IPPB, a Institut of Bioenergetic & Projectiologic Investigations, founded by Wagner. The interview was “too short”; as I said to him, we could make a whole documentary only about his experience! So charismatic and with a huge knowledge to share with us, I can only say that I want to rent an apartment in front of IPPB to be there every day. Thank you Wagner and congratulations for your work!

IMG_6553 (2) publi

Being there was so good, that we’ve got a 2×1 promo! Vitor Hugo França, a flyer dedicated to shamanism studies, also gave some of his time to talk with us, talking about his experiences (also as a kid) and how, after some time, he found in shamanism the philosophy which fits him more. Again, thank you so much to the IPPB crew for the reception and attention.


As if I didn’t have enough, talking with my best friend’s mom (“aunt Su” or “2nd mom) about my project, she said “wow, you should talk with Wagner!”. I asked her which Wagner she was talking about and she answered “Wagner Alegretti!”.


Friends since their teenages in São Paulo, Suely started to tell me about Wagner experiences and how he ended working with Waldo Vieira (click to know more about Waldo). Just a coincidence? The mother of my best friend, Wagner Alegretti’s friend? No, Wagner was not in Brazil, but in Portugal preparing the 1st International Congress of Conscientiology, organized by the IAC (International Academy of Consciousness) where we were in May to watch the conferences and show that this issue is also treated with a science seriousness, where we talked with Wagner and met more Flyers interested in tell us their stories. We will publish more about the Congress soon, and for the moment, you can take a look in this conference from WagnerNanci Trivellato, another flyer who knows a lot about it!

PS: this content was originally posted in Portuguese, on the 3rd of April, 2015


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