Interviews, Trips & Renovated strength

We started 2015 with strenght and a lot of energy and we want to wish a happy new year to everybody! … We wish for 2015 that Flyers takes off; we want this year to be the year of Creativity, of materialization, of interviews that makes the difference, of personal growth. A year of Flyers in every sense, flying high for what it comes 🙂

2015 avion

On January 4 we took the car to meet a Flyer in Galicia (Spain). In this case we didn’t have authorization to film the interview, but this meeting was very productive anyway and we want to thank Paloma for her time and attention. Everything counts and everything is useful!

On January 11 we had the pleasure to interview Andrea, a Brazilian Flyer living in Barcelona, who opened her house for our crew to tell us her Story. It was so nice! 🙂 Thank you Andrea, thank you beautiful Crew!


Less than 1 week after that, Flyers took a flight to Brazil to register the beginning of this story and to continue with more interviews in Tropical Lands.


São Paulo was just our 1st stop. We still had to draw a trip plan depending on the availability of interviwees and logistic stuff… after all, Brazil is a huge country! Meanwhile, we received the book of Cesar de Souza Machado who maintains the web page Metaconsciência, dedicated to divulgation of research about consciousness. This book is super interesting and explains the issue very well! Fow those who wants to know more about him, click on the link 🙂 Thank you Cesar and congratulations for your work!


After this summary about the first month of 2015, we will keep informing about interviews in the next update! 😉 For those who speak Portuguese & Spanish and like our pages on Facebook, there’s more fresh news there! Click here for the Portuguese version or here for the Spanish one.

PS: This post was originally posted in Portuguese & Spanish on February 1, 2015.


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