About flyers and coincidences

Our project has finally an official e-mail adress and we started to answer all the Flyers who contacted us and registered themselves 🙂 As we have informed via e-mail, we’re preparing a questionaire to know you all better, and we hope to send it soon, very soon!

For the time being I can only say that I’m really happy to receive your registration. To read your stories is simply great, and most of them makes me emotional and remind me the importance for them to be told. Then I remember the tabu around this issue, and I think about why we tell what happens to us or why we don’t (I’m also preparing a small video about it, cause I think it’s super important to talk and spread this kind of experiences to the world).

I’m truly convinced that, if we all talked aloud about it, we would be surprised to know that we are more than we thought. It’s not everybody who thinks that we are crazy. Because of Flyers, I was talking about it on the street the other day, and I met a Flyer who was passing by and came to say “I’m also a Flyer since I was a kid”. So good that he heard me… what a small big coincidence! Certainly, if we talked about it with more frequence, we would be a lot now! And what about you? Are you also a Flyer and got here by chance? Do you know someone who would be interested in this Project? Write me a message😉


* This post was originally published in Portuguese and Spanish on 13th May. Sorry for the late translated version.

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