Movement creates movement

February was a really productive month for this project. I started to get in touch with Flyers and the feedback was pretty positive. This cheered me up to keep ahead and reminded me the importance of doing this Documentary, not just because of my personal motivation, but also because this issue deserves a different treatment from the one that usually has.

Of course, during this time I also felt that I was swimming agains the tide, that my act was just a small grain in a big desert and after all, if I wanted to do it, I’d have to do it by myself… that’s actually a big lie, ’cause when I get over a bad day and I find all the help from other people – Flyers or not – I realize that we can make something much bigger, grain by grain, and maybe we won’t get a whole desert, but at least a wonderful beach!

For this reason I wanted to thank all the people who already helped Flyers in this initial stage, through their will to participate, moral support, stories, experiences and smiles, or with lots of hours in front of the computer for Flyers to gets consistence.

Maybe I couldn’t move too much during this month of March – physically talking – cause, as most of you already know, on February 28 I fell pretty bad and now I have my foot plastered. However, during this time of physical immobilization I’ve got the opportunity to sit and think, think a lot, and work hard where I can work, even with this foot. That’s why we had the chance to register our project for the 1st Filmarket Pitchbox and we are happy to announce the 1st Flyers Teaser publication, avalaible here in Portuguese with English subtitles.

We promise to inform you all about the news, and meanwhile, we prepare ourselves to register for the Docs Barcelona 2014 edition! Good luck for Flyers!


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