Let the show begin!

We usually ask ourselves how to make thigs happen in the best possible way. How to build a great project, how to succeed. We think about the base, the structure, each and every stone until get to the roof. For the last 9 months I had this idea for this project in my head. It came in the middle of the night, between lucid dreams, and since then I have been looking for a way to make it happen. But I had more dreams and they also brought me a message, and the people who knows me know how important dreams are for me – if they weren’t, I’ll never be in a project like this.

I was really worried about the perfect manner to do everything, but now I’m getting to the conclusion that perfectionism is a great tool to destroy projects on their way. How many people, just because they want to do something perfect, finally never do it? And I really don’t want this future for Flyers. I don’t want me to be stucked in the middle of everything, because it’s not ready yet, because it’s not perfect… because perfection doesn’t exist. Because to create is a process, and it’s important to create and show this process. I wanted to write here several times, to share my uncertainty, my fears, my desires. But in the end I never did, because I was afraid to show that I am human, fragile, because I wanted to show a façade of perfection. Now I realized that not wanting to show that I’m fragile is, ironically, to be. To show your weakness is to be brave, and the important thing is to make them happen, and stumble, and get up, but create, and never stop to create!

That’s why I came here to say that in 2014 Flyers is gonna happen, and it will be a pleasure to meet and to interview you, to learn with your experiences! It’s gonna be great to film this documentary with you all, and fly, fly all the way up…


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