Nathália, 17 years old, Brazil (2004)

I remember the first time I searched on Internet about Astral Projection. I had been living those experiences, all of them unintentional, and I don’t know how but since the beginning, I think I always understood what was going on. Maybe it was because I always believed in something else and the existence of the Spirit, so then when I went through all this I just got it… What I did not understand was why it was happening to me if I had never looked for it. Even more, I didn’t understand why it wasn’t something nice. I didn’t get how people were talking on Internet about techniques to leave the body, very enthusiastic people willing to live this experience… and I was thinking, what for? Because for me when all that was happening, the only thing I wanted was to be able to sleep. Simply sleep, instead of float in my bedroom without any control of myself.

One of the things that caught my attention back then, is the fact that I wasn’t flying in the same “cool” way that people usually talk about. I used to “roll” out of my body to the left side, falling from bed. Or I went out of it starting from the feet, and my head was still in the same place, so then I was upside down thinking “how could this be cool???”; I had no control about anything happening there! I was there, just floating, hearing voices and strange sounds, observing my bedroom under the clock alarm light. I used to wake up in a bad mood, feeling tired as if I had spent the whole night awake…

Although I found lots of answers on Internet in 2004, I didn’t want to know. I wasn’t interested. And when I turned 18 and moved to a different country all that stopped! Oh, that was nice… having normal nights to sleep. To rest.

I suppose people need to grow up to ask themselves why such things happen, and I guess this moment arrived to me. It took more than 7  years to come! It’s time to make up for lost time, face the facts, make questions and organize the answers…


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